I’m one of the co-founders, Vaan

Vaan’s personality can be described in three words: zestful, creative and confident. And his approach to property management is no different. He believes in going the extra mile for his clients to maximise their property returns and redefine any negative assumptions about the industry.

Learn More About Me

It’s about utilizing our skills to change the property management industry for the better.

A broad understanding

Vaan grew up in diverse cultures and landscapes, from Iran to New Zealand, before settling in Australia. Once he graduated high school, Vaan attained his property certification through REIQ and acquired his Blockchain accreditations through the University of California Berkeley. It was from here he found a passion for financial and property management.

Since day one

Vaan quickly realised the current climate of this industry was unacceptable. So, alongside Matt and Hanna, Vaan founded Proper Group to become Australia’s #1 private property management company. He is incredibly proud of how far they have come, from a startup company with 0 clients to managing over 1000 portfolios.

Authentic and relatable

When Vaan isn't working tirelessly to achieve the top results for his clients, he's doing one of two things. Making music under his LA-based record label or cooking a delicious meal with the two loves of his life; Sir Archibald (his dog) and potato chips.